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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 12/14-18/2015 'Happy Holidays'

Students will...

Monday - Complete Food skill lab -  holiday treats
Tuesday - Complete kitchen deep-clean
Wednesday - Review final exam objectives
Thursday - Test Final Examination
Friday - Test Final Examination

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 12/7 - 11/2015

Students will ...

Monday - Receive study guide for final exam and review, Review mystery basket criteria and locate recipes to match criteria, attend cafeteria internship
Tuesday - Practice mystery basket techniques
Wednesday - Practice mystery basket techniques, Complete skill food lab
Thursday - Complete skills food lab / Prep. final food lab
Friday - Complete final skill food lab

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 11/30 - 12/6/2015

Students will...

Monday - Complete Article #8 , Review grade / conference with teacher
Tuesday - Complete Lab Activity 8 , Review skill food lab , attend cafeteria internship
Wednesday - Complete food skill lab (4th), attend cafeteria internship, test chapter 9 and 10
Thursday - Complete food skill lab
Friday - Attend field trip to Medieval Times

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 11/16-20/2015

Students will...

Monday - (ICA) - Chapter 9 & 10, (CA) Complete Level 1 & Spec. Ed. PLO, Report to cafeteria internship
Tuesday - (ALL) Hear from Life University Representative , Towanda Spinks (CA) Report to cafeteria internship
Wednesday - (ICA) Review skill food lab recipes & test chapter 9 & 10, (CA) Report to cafeteria internship
Thursday - (ICA) Practice cutting techniques ( slice, roll cut, & diagonal)(CA) Best Beef Burger Competiton
Friday - (CA)Practice mixing techniques (pancakes), (ICA) Practice moist heat techniques ( carrots and green beans)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 11/9-13/ 2015------'Let get ready to Cook!'

Students will...

Monday - ALL, Complete Article Report #6, CA1- Report to  Cafeteria Internship, ICA-complete chapter 10 graphic organizer and reading activity

Tuesday - CA1-Report to Cafeteria Internship and review best beef burger project, ICA- Review chapter 9 PPT and take notes

Wednesday - CA1-Report to cafeteria Internship and conclude best beef burger flyer, ICA- Review chapter 10 PPT and take notes, Complete chapter 9 and 10 practice test

Thursday - ICA/CA, Participate in Skill Food lab #1/Practice lab 1 for best beef burger

Friday - ICA/CA, Participate in Skill Food lab #2/Practice lab 2 for best beef burger

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 11/2-6/2015

Students will ...

Monday - Select a Vocabulary Project to create a flash cards, quiz, crossword, or booklet
Tuesday - Collaborate with guest teacher Chef Kelli from McEachern High
Wednesday - Cater Softball Banquet
Thursday - Hear from Coastal Georgia College, Brunswick, GA
Friday - Visit Maggino's Little Italy Restaurant at Cumberland Mall

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Culinary Essentials Textbook


Best Beef Burger Project coming soon!

Culinary Arts I

Mark your calendars for your teams Best Beef Burger Competition!

2nd Block - November 20th
4th Block - November 19th

Remember to complete at least two practice labs!

Week October 26- 30, 2015

Students will...

Monday - Complete food related article #6, Review grade with teacher, Review The Dining Experience objectives for quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Review Table Setting Evaluation prior to performance assessment

Wednesday - Quiz Chapter 6 (front of the house basics napkin folds, table settings, place settings)

Thursday - Guest speaker Chef, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College

Friday - 'Getting Ready to Cook' Define Chapter 9 vocabulary small & large equipment and complete Ch.9.1 graphic organizer

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 10/19-23/2015

Students will...

Monday- Review Ch.6.1 PPT & Take notes/ Review Best Beef Burger Recipes
Tuesday- Review Ch.6.2 PPT & Take notes/Plan Best Beef Burger practice lab market order
Wednesday- Set a table based on a menu specification /Cater Homecoming Brunch
Thursday-Review Table setting / napkin fold objectives / Complete Practice Burger Lab #1
Friday-Test Table setting / napkin fold objectives / Complete Practice Burger Lab #2/Cater Game day meal

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 10/12-16/2015

Students will...

Monday- Hear from guest speaker Chef Wayne from The Art Institute of Atlanta
Tuesday - Conclude Side-works/Napkin fold lab / CA- 1 Report to Cafeteria Internship
Wednesday - Begin Table Setting Lab / CA1 - Report to Cafeteria Internship
Thursday - Set a Table based on a menu / CA-1 - Cater Staff/ Athletes lunches
Thursday - Continue table setting lab / CA-1 - Cater Staff / Athletes lunches

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 10/5 - 10/9/2015

Students will...

Monday - Review Chapter 6 Vocabulary ( content & academic)
Tuesday - Review Ch.6 The dining experience PPT & Take notes/Report to Café. Internship
Wednesday -  Review Front of the House / Etiquette/Report to Café. Internship
Thursday - continue Side works lab
Friday - continue side works labs

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 9/28 - 9/2/2015 'How was your Fall Break?'

Students will...

Monday- Review Chapter 1-3 PPT & Take notes
Tuesday- Complete Chapter 1-3 quiz via Kahoot.com, Report to Cafeteria Internship
Wednesday- Define Chapter 6 Vocabulary / View ServSafe video & take notes
Thursday- Review Chapter 6 objectives via PPT & Take notes/ Prep-Game Day Meals & Staff Lunches
Friday- Practice Front of the House - Napkin Fold / Table Setting Lab/Serve-Game Day Meals & Staff Lunches

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week 9/14-18/2015

Students will...

Monday - Review criteria for 'Food Inspection Research'/ Meet in the media center
Tuesday - Review chapter 1 and complete chapter 1 quiz
Wednesday - Define chapter 2  vocabulary
Thursday - Prep- teacher lunches / complete Ch. 2 graphic organizers
Friday - Prep-game day meals / Serve teacher lunches/ complete Ch. 2 reading activities

Have a safe fall break!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 9/8-11/2015

Students will...

MONDAY - Holiday / No School
TUESDAY Complete Article Report #3 & present projects to the class (ICA) Research a Chef (CA) Research a Restaurant
WEDNESDAY - conclude presentation of projects to the class (ICA) Research a Chef (CA) Research a Restaurant
THURSDAY - Cater / Prep game day meals and teacher lunches
FRIDAY - Conference / Review grades with teacher

Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 8/31 - 9/4/ 2015

Students will...

Monday - (Block 1 & 2) will test SLO in Computer Lab 900 in Betty Gray
Tuesday - (ALL) Quiz Ch. 3 (ICA)-Define Ch. 1 Vocabulary, Safety Basics ,
(CA) Complete Ch. 7 Review questions key concepts and critical thinking
Wednesday - (ICA) - Complete Ch. 1 Graphic Organizer and Reading Activities
(CA) Review Ch. 7 & take notes
Thursday - (ICA) - Review Ch. 1 & take notes, ( CA) Prep pre-game meals
Friday - (ICA) Quiz Chapter 1 & 3, (CA) Catering game day meals

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 24 -28, 2015

Students will...

Monday - (ALL) Complete Article #2 and discuss (share food-related article with the class)
Tuesday - (ICA) Share kitchen brigade positions with the class (CA1) conclude research a restaurant draft
Wednesday - (ALL)Review safety and sanitation objectives, define vocabulary and submit at the end of class (ICA) conclude research a chef draft
Thursday - (ALL)Review safety and sanitation objectives, complete support graphic organizers and read activities
Cater-Football game day meals
Friday - Turn in (CA1) 'Research a Restaurant' & (ICA) 'Guess this Chef' Project
               Cater-Bus Driver Breakfast
              (4th block)Test SLO in computer lab 800 located in the T & I building

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 8/17-21/2015

Students will...

Monday- Continue Project #1 assignment
Tuesday- Review & complete Chapter 3.2, vocabulary
Wednesday- Complete group activity; 'Identifying parts of a Kitchen Brigade'
Thursday- Review & complete Chapter 3.2 graphic organizer & reading activity
Friday- Review & complete Chapter 3.2 quiz

Please remember to submit Medical Concern / Parent permission /Contract Forms ASAP! If you have submitted the forms listed please disregard this message & Thank you for turning in your forms :-) !!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week 8/10-14/2015

Students will...

Monday- Review Course Syllabus & Begin course study work for Chapter 3, Career Opportunities & Complete (food related) Article #1.
Tuesday- Review the History of culinary arts & Careers opportunities in culinary arts & share group vocabulary collage (CA1&2)
Wednesday- Complete chapter 3 group activity & present
Thursday- (Report to the Media Center) research a chef for 'Guess Who' assignment
Friday- Present   'Guess Who' activity to the class & complete chapter 3 graphic organizer / reading activity

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 8/3-7/2015---------Welcome back students to the 2015 - 16 school year!

This year promises to be the best ever! Here is a brief description of all the wonderful things we will encounter this year in Culinary Arts. This course is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of Culinary Arts and to help them identify possible career paths within this industry. During this course students will learn history, trends, fundamental concepts, skills and techniques involved in basic food preparation, safety and sanitation. Special emphasis will be given to the study of ingredients, cooking theories, vegetable cookery, meat and poultry as well as the preparation of stocks, soups and sauces. In addition this course will highlight basic cooking techniques such as sauteing, roasting, poaching,braising and frying. Lectures and demonstrations will teach organization skills in the kitchen, professionalism,work coordination and knife skills. Students will also acquire basic knowledge of “front of the house” operations and procedures. Instructional time will consist of a combination of class work coupled with hands on experience in cooking laboratories.

I look forward to working with you.
Chef Lyons

Students will...

Monday- Define - What does culinary arts mean to you? Now? and in the future?
Tuesday - Complete 'Let's get acquainted'activities
Wednesday- Review classroom/commercial kitchen expectations
Thursday- Review course syllabus and student handbook
Friday- Begin Chapter objective 'Career/History' of culinary arts

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 5/18-22/2015

Students will...

Monday- Prepare & cater soccer banquet, Begin final kitchen deep clean
Tuesday- Final Kitchen Deep Clean
Wednesday- Test Final Examination (1st and 2nd block)
Thursday- Test Final Examination ( 3rd and 4th block)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 5/11-15/2015

Students will...

Monday - Practice Comparing Cooking/Microwave Techniques
Tuesday - Practice basic white sauce techniques
Wednesday - Review Final Exam / Study Guide
Thursday- Seniors Final Exams
Friday -  Seniors Final Exams

'I'll see you at Graduation Seniors!'

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 5/4-8/ 15

Students will ...

Monday- Review Food Skill Labs for the week
Tuesday- Cater 'Sensational Seniors' / complete CTAE Survey (please see link below)
Wednesday- Practice 'Moist Heat' Techniques
Thursday- Create final food lab invitations and deliver to guest
Friday- Hear from guest speaker, Chef Wayne, Art Institute from Atlanta

CTAE teachers should have their program completers  do the 10 question survey by May 15th.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 4/27- 5/1/2015

Students will ...

Monday- Complete Article Report #8, Chapter 9 & 10 Test
Tuesday- Participate in Food Lab #1
Wednesday- Participate in Food Lab #2
Thursday- Participate in Food Lab #3
Friday- Participate in Food Lab #4

CA 1 & 2
Monday-Complete Article Report #8, Submit Best beef burger flyer
Tuesday- Complete prep. food lab for burger competition
Wednesday- Compete in Best Beef Burger Competition!
Thursday- Report to cafeteria internship
Friday- Report to cafeteria internship

Week 4/20-24/2015

Students will...

Monday- Test Chapter 6 & Table Setting Assessment
Tuesday- Begin Chapter 9 & 10 Project ( Small and Large kitchen equipment)
Wednesday- Continue Chapter 9 & 20 Project
Thursday- Conclude Chapter 9 &10 Projects
Friday - Present group Chapter 9 & 10 Project

CA 1&2
Monday-Complete Chapter 4 Projects & Best beef burger flyer
Tuesday-Continue Chapter 4 Projects & Best beef burger flyer
Wednesday- Complet Best beef burger practice lab
Thursday- Report to cafeteria internship
Friday - Report to cafeteria internship

Friday, April 3, 2015

Week 4/13-17/2015 'Let's review what you may have forgotten over the break'

Students will...

Monday- (ICA)(CA) Complete Article Report #7,  Review side-works / napkin folds
Tuesday- Review table setting and front of the house duties/responsibilities
Wednesday- (ICA) Prep for SCBA Breakfast, (CA) Practice best beef burger skill/food lab
Thursday - Set-up, Serve, and clean SCBA Breakfast/skill /food lab
Friday- Quiz/Test side-works and table setting

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 3/30 - 4/3/2015

Students will...

Monday- Hear guest speakers from Chattahoochee Technical College & Take guest speaker notes
Tuesday- Demonstrate how to set a table for four different types of place settings.
Wednesday- Demonstrate proper etiquette via role play
Thursday- Attend Field Trip to 'Medieval Times'
ICA - Complete Chapter 6 Enrichment Package
CA - Complete Chapter 4 Activities
ICA - Test Chapter 6
CA - Re-test Chapter 1 and 2

Have a fun, safe & happy spring break!

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 23 - 27, 2015

Students will ...

(ICA) Complete Ch.6.1 graphic organizer & reading comprehensive activity, Continue side-work/napkin fold lab
(CA) Review 'Best Beef Burger' recipes with Teacher, Continue Ch. 3.1 - 3.10 enrichment activities
(ICA) Complete Ch.6.2 graphic organizer & Reading comprehensive activity, Continue side-work/napkin fold lab
(CA) Continue Ch. 3.1 - 3.10 Enrichment activities
(ICA) Complete Ch. 6 Review & Critical thinking questions, Continue side-work/napkin fold lab
(CA) Continue Ch. 3.1 - 3.10 Enrichment activities / Projects ( 1st block report to the Media Center )
(ICA) Set a cover / Table setting to include a cover for each group member, centerpiece, and napkin fold
(CA) Cafeteria Internship - Report to Ms. Carwise in the cafeteria
(ICA) Test Chapter 6
(CA) Cafeteria Internship - Report to Ms. Carwise in the cafeteria

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 3/16-20/ 2015 Let's get excited ICA - Getting Ready to Cook!

Students will -

Monday - (CA)Conclude Chapter 2 PPT & take notes , Review Chapter 1 & 2 via Jeopardy Game showdown (ICA) Introduction to Dining Today & review of a cover
Tuesday - (CA) Review Chapter 1 & 2 videos & take notes ( ICA) View 'Etiqutte' series & take notes
Wednesday - (CA) Report to Cafeteria internship (ICA) continue View ' Etiquette' series & Take notes
Thursday - (CA) Report to Cafeteria internship (ICA) Conclude View 'Etiqutte' series & take notes
Friday - (CA) Test/quz chapter 1 & 2 (ICA) Demonstrate how to set a table / cover

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week March 9 - 13, 2015

Students will...

Monday - (CA) Complete food skill lab - garnish techniques (ICA) Review chapter 3 via Glencoe-Mcgraw PPT & Play vocabulary game
Tuesday - (CA) Complete food skill lab - stir-fry techniques (ICA) Identify positions in a kitchen brigade (group activity)
Wednesday -Report to the media center ( CA) Conclude chapter 2 projects (ICA) complete chapter 1, 2, and 3 practice test
Thursday - (CA) Report to cafe internship (ICA) View Etiquette Demonstration & Take notes /Review chapter 1, 2, and 3
Friday - (CA) Chapter 2 projects due / report to cafe internship (ICA) Test Ch. 1, 2, and 3

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week March 2-6, 2015

Students will...

Mon. - (ICA)complete article report #4 & conclude ch.2 graphic organizer and reading activity, (CA)conclude ch. 2 review questions, begin ch.3 introduction & review
Tues. - (ICA) Review ch.3 ppt and Take notes (CA) complete skill food lab
Wed. -(ICA) begin ch. 3 introduction and review (CA) complete skill food lab
Thurs. -(ICA) (CA) Hear guest speakers Susan Wright and Jennifer Mesta, Food Inspectors with Cobb County Enviromental Health Department & Take Notes
Fri. - (ICA)define ch. 3 vocabulary, review ch. 3 graphic organizer and reading activity (CA) report to the cafeteria for Internship

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 2/23 - 2/27, 2015

Students will...

Mon. - (ICA) conclude ch.2 graphic organizer and reading activity, (CA)conclude ch. 2 review questions, begin ch.3 introduction & review
Fri. - (ICA) conclude ch.2 graphic organizer and reading activity, (CA)conclude ch. 2 review questions, begin ch.3 introduction & review

Please note; 2nd block student surveys will be completed 2/25/15 at 10:45 a.m.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 2/16-20/2015

Students will...

Wednesday - (ICA) Begin Introduction for Ch. 3 & Define Ch. 3 content /academic terms (CA) Review Basic Food Lab #1
Thursday -(ICA) Re-test chapter 1 test, Complete Ch. 3.1 graphic organizer & reading activity, (CA) Review Basic Food Lab #2 ( in PHS cafeteria), Conclude incomplete assignments & Review grade & Conference with teacher
Friday-(ICA) Quiz Ch. 2 & Complete Ch.3.2 graphic organizer & reading activity, (CA)Review Basic Food Lab #3 (in PHS cafeteria)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 2/9-13/2015

Student will...

Monday- Explore Article Report # 3 and present Ch.2.3 Voki presentation
Tuesday- Complete Chapter 2 Reading Guide
Wednesday- Review hand washing and first aid procedures
Thursday- Create February Treats
Friday- Report to the media center to complete Food Inspection Project

Friday, January 30, 2015

Textbook - Culinary Essentials


Chapter 1-10 ( click link below)



Week 2/2-6/2015-Remember 'Hoopcoming' this week!

Students will...

Monday- View Food Safety Food Basics & Take notes
Tuesday- Define chapter 2 vocabulary
Wednesday- Review & Complete chapter 2.1 graphic organizer & reading activity
Thursday- Review & Complete chapter 2.2 graphic organizer & reading activity
Friday- Review & Complete 2.3 graphic organizer & reading activity
If you are interested in joining 'The Culinary Arts' Club....
 please attend our 2/5/15 meeting@ 8am/rm. 204

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 26-30, 2015

Students will ...

Monday - Complete (food related) Article #2,(ICA) Complete Ch.1 Reading/Study Guide,           (CA) 'History of Hospitality & Food service group project due.
Tuesday - Class will meet in the media center ( to work on projects, choosemyplate, practice test, etc.)
Wednesday - Review Ch. 1  PPT Summary & take notes
Thursday - Conclude Ch.1 PPT Summary & take notes
Friday - (ICA) Research a Chef Due
(CA) Research a Restaurant & Chapter 1 activities and mini-projects due.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 1/19 - 23, 2015

Students  will...

Monday - School Closed/MLK Jr. Holiday
Tuesday - Receive project criteria
Wednesday - Review choosemyplate.gov
Thursday - Conclude all Chapter 1 activities
Friday - Report to the Media Center to complete the following;
ICA - Create www.choosemyplate.gov account, begin 'Research a Chef' project
CA - Begin 'Research a Restaurant' project and continue Chapter 1 mini-projects

Monday, If you have an opportunity...check out 'The Center for Civil & Human Rights near the world of Coke!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 1/12-16/2015

Students will...

Monday - Complete Article Report #1
Tuesday - Complete 'What's in a Book'
Wednesday - Define chapter 1 vocabulary
Thursday - Begin chapter 1 objectives
Friday - Test common assessment

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 1/5-9/2015 Happy New Year & Welcome back to school!

Students will...

Monday- Student Holiday / Staff  Workday
Tuesday - Review course syllabus and student handbook
Wednesday- Review classroom expectations
Thursday- What does culinary arts mean to you? Now? and in the future?
Friday- 'Let's get acquinated'