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Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 10/17-21/ 2016

Students will....

Monday- Review Ch.6.1 PPT & Take notes/ Review Best Beef Burger/Pasta  Recipes
Tuesday- Review Ch.6.2 PPT & Take notes/Plan Best Beef Burger/Pasta practice lab market order
Wednesday- Set a table based on a menu specification / Continue Cafeteria Internship
Thursday-Cater CCSD Principal Breakfast/Review Table setting / napkin fold objectives / Cater College Fair
Friday-Complete Skill Food Lab- Fondant Potatoes / Cutting Techniques

Week 10/10 - 14/ 2016

Students will...

Monday- Hear from guest speaker Chef Wayne from The Art Institute of Atlanta
Tuesday - Conclude Side-works/Napkin fold lab / CA- 1 Report to Cafeteria Internship
Wednesday - Begin Table Setting Lab / CA1 - Report to Cafeteria Internship
Thursday - Set a Table based on a menu / CA-1 - Cater Staff/ Athletes lunches
Thursday - Continue table setting lab / CA-1 - Cater Staff / Athletes lunches

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week October 3 - 7, 2016

Students will...

Monday - Quiz front of the house standards (side works/ napkin fold objectives)
                 Report to Cafeteria Internship (due to internship test distribution will take place Monday to Wednesday for all students to participate)
Tuesday - Report to Cafeteria Internship
Wednesday - Report to Cafeteria Internship
Thursday - Prep. mis en place for staff lunches
Friday - Deliver staff lunches