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Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 4/27- 5/1/2015

Students will ...

Monday- Complete Article Report #8, Chapter 9 & 10 Test
Tuesday- Participate in Food Lab #1
Wednesday- Participate in Food Lab #2
Thursday- Participate in Food Lab #3
Friday- Participate in Food Lab #4

CA 1 & 2
Monday-Complete Article Report #8, Submit Best beef burger flyer
Tuesday- Complete prep. food lab for burger competition
Wednesday- Compete in Best Beef Burger Competition!
Thursday- Report to cafeteria internship
Friday- Report to cafeteria internship

Week 4/20-24/2015

Students will...

Monday- Test Chapter 6 & Table Setting Assessment
Tuesday- Begin Chapter 9 & 10 Project ( Small and Large kitchen equipment)
Wednesday- Continue Chapter 9 & 20 Project
Thursday- Conclude Chapter 9 &10 Projects
Friday - Present group Chapter 9 & 10 Project

CA 1&2
Monday-Complete Chapter 4 Projects & Best beef burger flyer
Tuesday-Continue Chapter 4 Projects & Best beef burger flyer
Wednesday- Complet Best beef burger practice lab
Thursday- Report to cafeteria internship
Friday - Report to cafeteria internship

Friday, April 3, 2015

Week 4/13-17/2015 'Let's review what you may have forgotten over the break'

Students will...

Monday- (ICA)(CA) Complete Article Report #7,  Review side-works / napkin folds
Tuesday- Review table setting and front of the house duties/responsibilities
Wednesday- (ICA) Prep for SCBA Breakfast, (CA) Practice best beef burger skill/food lab
Thursday - Set-up, Serve, and clean SCBA Breakfast/skill /food lab
Friday- Quiz/Test side-works and table setting