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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 4/9-13/2018

Students will...

Monday - (ICA) Complete 'Dining Experience' Ch.6 enrichment package (CA2) Review Ch.13 Standardized recipe PPT & Take notes

Tuesday - (ICA) View 'Basic Etiquette' video & take notes (CA2) Complete standardized recipes Ch. 13 enrichment package

Wednesday - (ICA) Review Set a table (CA2) Review EOPA - culinary nutrition

Thursday- (ICA) Review napkin folds/side works (CA2) Review EOPA - Employability

Friday - Field trip - Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant

Week 4/2-6/2018

Spring Break! Have fun & be safe...

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 3/ 26-30/ 2018

Students will...

Monday - ALL Complete bi-weekly article report #6 (CA2) - Review EOPA/Recipes (ICA) conclude ch.6 enrichment package & cont. napkin fold lab
Tuesday - CA2 - Field Trip - Chattahoochee Technical College (ICA) Define Ch. 6 vocabulary
Wednesday - CA2 - Skill lab - Meat / pan seared chicken (ICA) Skill lab - Set a table
Thursday - CA2- Skill Lab - Meat/Tacos (ICA) View Etiquette  Basic video & take notes
Friday - CA2- Prep. & deliver staff lunch (ICA) Define ch. 9 vocabulary - Kitchen equipment

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week 3/19-23/2018 Enjoy yourselves at the Jr. & Sr. Prom!!!!

Students will...

Monday - (CA2) Review EOPA PPT & take notes (ICA) cont. table setting/napkin fold lab & food holiday presentations

Tuesday -  Guest speaker, Swanda Spinks, Life University

Wednesday - Guest speaker, Chef Greene, Art Institute of Atlanta

Thursday - (CA2) Cupcake Practice Lab 2 (ICA) cont. table setting/napkin fold lab

Friday - (CA2) Review EOPA PPT& Take noteS (ICA) cont. table setting/napkin fold lab

Week 3/12-16/2018

Students will...

Monday - Complete bi-weekly article report/ (CA2) Review Ch.23 Meats PPT & Take notes (ICA) Present February Food Holiday

Tuesday -(CA2) Cupcake practice lab (ICA) Intro. to table setting

Wednesday- Early Release / Students will review grade/attendance with Chef

Thursday- (CA2) Review Ch.23 Meats PPT & Take notes (ICA) Present February Food Holiday

Friday- (CA2) Prep. & Deliver staff lunches

Monday, March 12, 2018

Culinary Arts Textbook


Week 3/5-9/2018

Students will...

Monday- Complete Bi-weekly Article Report / (ICA) Review Ch.6 PPT & Take Notes/(CA2) Report Cafeteria Internship & Review EOPA via quiz-let
Tuesday-(ICA) Review intro. to table setting & napkin folds/(CA2) Cupcake practice lab 1
Wednesday-(ICA) Present February  Food Holiday/(CA2)& Review EOPA via quiz-let/kahoot
Thursday-(ICA) Begin table setting & napkin fold lab /(CA2)Report Cafeteria Internship/& Review EOPA via quiz-let
Friday-(ICA) cont. table setting & napkin fold lab/ (CA2)Report Cafeteria Internship/Prep. & deliver staff lunch